About Us


NUSO CYPRUS, established in 2021, provides heat-not-burn (HnB) tobacco sticks to major tobacco markets across the globe. Our mission is to serve the mainstream trend in the tobacco industry as smoker’s awareness over health risk prompt a shift from combustion cigarettes to HnB tobacco product.

NUSO's history can be traced back several decades ago when we started to manufacture reconstituted tobacco sheets (RTS) on behalf of some major tobacco manufacturers in the world. Over the years, NUSO was transformed from a RTS supplier to a HnB tobacco stick manufacturer. After launch of the first heatstick production line in Cambodia in 2019, our products are now shipped to major tobacco markets around the world with steadily growth of market share.

We have continuously invested in the product research and development to explore more options for users who desire different flavors and to improve their smoking experience. In recognition of our product quality and flavor variety, NUSO HnB is becoming increasingly popular in the tobacco markets. We are committed to continuously invest in our research lab and enhance flavor variety and overall product quality to better serve the needs of our business partners and users.

Our Office
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NUSO is heating tobacco. ISMOD is an electronic device for heating tobacco (NUSO). Their usage as intended are not risk-free and are for adults use only.